Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MCF AI bootcamp?

Who is the bootcamp for?

Who is eligible to participate?

What is the time commitment?

Where are the bootcamps being held in 2024?

Bootcamp specific addresses are only shared with accepted students. You may email if you need a general sense of where in the city camp will be hosted.
Arizona: 11-3pm MST
California: 11-3pm PT
Florida:  2-6pm ET
Illinois: 1-5pm CT
Indiana: 2-6pm ET
Maryland: 2-6pm ET
Michigan:  2-6pm ET
Minnesota: 1-5pm CT
Missouri: 1-5pm CT
New Jersey:  2-6pm ET
Oregon: 11-3pm PT
Pennsylvania: 2-6pm ET
Texas: 1-5pm CT
Washington, D.C.: 2-6pm ET
Wisconsin: 1-5pm CT

Do I need to live in a city above to attend a bootcamp?

Where can I apply?

How are applications scored?

Can I show up to camp without being accepted?

What is required of students who are selected to attend the bootcamp?

What is required of parents/guardians of students who are selected to attend the bootcamp?

I work for a company interested in hosting a bootcamp. Where can I sign up to host?

I am a K-12 Teacher, Administrator, Non-Profit or Government Agency contact interested in bringing a bootcamp to my city. Where can I sign up?

Can I receive a grant or funding from the Mark Cuban Foundation?

I am based outside of the United States and interested in bringing an MCF AI Bootcamp to my country. What’s the next step?